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Yahoo! Store users pay the following fees:

  • $49.95 Hosting Fee --

    This monthly fee is for hosting your store on our secure, reliable servers, as well as for the use of our powerful, award-winning, and always-evolving Store software platform.

  • $0.10 Product Insertion Fee --

    This fee is charged per product per calendar month, based on the daily average number of published products in your store.

  • 0.5% transaction fee --

    This fee is applied to every Yahoo! Store transaction.

  • Yahoo! Network 3.5% revenue share --

    This revenue share is applied to all transactions that originate from anywhere on the Yahoo! Network, such as the Yahoo! Directory and Yahoo! Network search. If you decide to participate in Yahoo! Shopping, this revenue share will also be applied to all transactions that originate from Yahoo! Shopping.

  • Domain Names (optional purchase)--
    New Domain Registration (com/net/org) $35/year
    Move Your Existing Domain to your Yahoo! Store $10/year
All stores, whether small or large, have the opportunity to opt-in to Yahoo! Shopping.