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Technology Spotlight: What's in Store for 2002
New on the Network: Yahoo! Warehouse and the New Yahoo! Shopping
Store Building Tip: Inset Images Show More of the Picture
E-Commerce on the Web: Links to Sites, Features, and Stories
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Technology Spotlight
What's in Store for 2002
Happy New Year! We've lifted the fourth-quarter "code freeze" put in place to ensure stability and reliability for retail's busiest months. During a code freeze engineers don't make changes to underlying software. They focus on performance and maintenance, just as brick-and-mortar outlets rarely start renovations or new construction in the months before Christmas, focusing primarily on quality of service. Now, our store engineers are starting on a variety of projects.

Their first job involves upgrading and reconfiguring store servers. We anticipate a single interval of downtime for each store. Your Store Manager or Editor may not be accessible while the service upgrade is in progress, but customers will still have access to your Store and orders will be accepted. You may not even notice the outage. Apologies in advance for any temporary inconvenience -- service will be restored in a matter of hours.

Here are some other behind-the-scenes improvements in the works this year: We are upgrading Yahoo! Store software code to make it faster, more scalable, and easier to develop and maintain. One of the first pieces we're enhancing is the Store Editor -- anticipate faster publishing times and improved performance.

As part of the editor conversion, we're also redesigning the Test Drive and the user interface for new store builders.

In a separate project, we plan to improve merchandising capabilities at checkout time. We're building new tools similar to the cross-selling "families" feature but with increased functionality.

We'll keep you informed by email and on the Yahoo! Store login page as new tools and enhancements are released.

New on the Network
Yahoo! Warehouse and the New Yahoo! Shopping
Yahoo! Warehouse is our newest commerce platform, designed for selling used, overstock, and clearance goods at discount prices. If you deal in books, music, DVDs, videos, video games, computers, or electronics, and have remaindered merchandise or odd lots of inventory, give Warehouse a try. It's fast and simple to list your items, and there's no charge till the sale is complete. Learn more.

You've probably already seen the New Yahoo! Shopping -- four ways to shop, and a "universal search" option that delivers results from all four commerce platforms: Shopping, Auctions, Warehouse, and Classifieds. Powerful, integrated search tools can help shoppers find what they're seeking and bring new customers to your door.

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Store Building Tip
Inset Images Show More of the Picture
If, according the old cliché, a picture's worth a thousand words, then what's the value of a second image for your item page? The "Inset" property in the "Edit View" of your product page makes it easy to find out. Show apparel shoppers the back view of a jacket, show items in more than alternative colors or patterns, or use an inset for a detail shot or a close-up image. The inset image generally appears to the right of the main product image, beneath the product title. Learn how to upload an inset image.

E-commerce on the Web:
Links to Sites, Features, and Stories

Top Ten Sites Compared

This illuminating article from the Web Developer's Virtual Library takes a close look at key design elements on the home pages of the Web's ten busiest sites. It's a careful analysis of essentials like font, background color, color scheme, link presentation, navigation design, titles, page width, and more, that examines the design choices of major league web players.

Lessons in Effective E-mail Design

"Think an email campaign is easy? Then why are response rates so low? Why does everyone complain about it?" Whether you're embarking on your first newsletter or planning your next winter promotion, this column definitely contains news you can use.

12 Management Tips for Slow Times

We suspect that most Yahoo! Store merchants could teach the Fortune 1000 a thing or two about the time-proven practice of thrift, a virtue that's now become trendy in corporate circles. Nevertheless, this is an interesting checklist of effective ways to save money without hurting business.

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